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In the past, we used our listserv to highlight articles and media that are relevant to Guam and our group’s mission. From now on, this blog will serve that purpose.

If you would like to view any of the past items sent out on the listerv, visit


2 responses to “Listserv Archives

  1. Sheryl A. Gogo Gutierrez Day

    Hafa Adai! I’m working on a PhD in Information Science at the University of Washington, just finishing my second year. I am part of a newly-formed Indigenous Information Research Group spearheaded by our new Associate Dean for Research at the UW iSchool. We are active in the larger national and global communities of Indigenous scholars, and I wanted to reach out to Famoksaiyan since it is the forum for active Chamoru scholars. Please add me to the list and keep me posted on upcoming conferences and events. I would like to get involved with other Chamoru scholars and activists interested in issues of Chamoru sovereignty and culture.

  2. Peter Blas

    I am trying to contact Dr. Hope Cristobal with the following message:

    Dear Hope,

    Si Yu’os ma’ase for all you do for our people.

    Recently, I attempted to contact you regarding the interest of an off-island visitor (scheduled for late June/First Week July), Sr. Yasuko Shimizu from Japan.

    Sr. Yasuko is primarily wanting to meet, “Regarding Chamorro activist, any Chamorro organization who are out spoken against the military base issues.”

    I did some research on your connection to this topic and thought that it may be splendid if we could some how link you with her.

    If perhaps you may be interested in assisting, please contact me at or directly to Sr. Yasuko at

    Saina ma’ase,

    Peter A. Blas
    Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
    Researcher, Pa’a Taotao Tano’
    Guam Artist

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